Real Estate Practice Areas

Colorado Real Estate Leases & Contracts

Whether you are buying your dream home, renting an investment property, leasing a residential property or leasing space in a commercial property in Colorado, at some point you are going to deal with a Colorado real estate purchase contract.

Real Estate Liens, Titles, Deeds, Transfers & Ownership Records

Real estate ownership is the possession and holding of physical property. Owning real estate involves the use of deeds, titles, liens, transfer documents and other types of ownership records.

Colorado Landlord Tenant Law

Very often, real estate is the single largest asset in an individual portfolio. Protecting that asset is a paramount concern for individuals and businesses alike, and that includes compensation and recovery when your property has been damaged.

Real Estate Property Damage

The reality is, injuries on real property unfortunately happen from time to time. Premises liability law deals with all aspects of injuries on residential or commercial properties.

HOA (Homeowners Association)

Home Owner Association issues are very common in Colorado. Fortunately, the Colorado legislature has passed a body of laws governing HOA administration, including the so-called “Home-Owners Bill of Rights.”

Real Estate Ownership in Colorado

Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what real estate problems you face. Problems, issues and opportunities in real estate come in all shapes and sizes. There are similarities between many, but no two are 100% identical.

Real Estate Management

If you manage one investment property or fifty, real estate can be a headache. There are laws to comply with, liability to be concerned with, and money to be made.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate has issues, which are unique and distinct from residential property. What are some of the key considerations and language used in a commercial real estate form?

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Commercial Real Estate Laws – What Are They and How Do They Work

Title Insurance for Commercial Real Estate

Understanding the Most Common Real Estate Deeds in Colorado

How to Effectively Maintain Your Property

The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Property Law

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