Whether you are buying your dream home, renting an investment property, leasing a residential property or leasing space in a commercial property in Colorado, at some point you are going to deal with Colorado real estate contracts.

As a real estate attorney in Denver, I can assist with all your Colorado real estate contract needs, including those covering:

Download a free checklist to see if you are ready to sign that residential/commercial lease or real estate contract.

Because every contract has binding consequences to protect yourself and your real estate investment, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable real estate attorney before signing a contract to buy or sell real estate in Colorado.

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  • Download a free closing statement and worksheet forms.
  • Learn about the terms you need to include in your residential lease.

With my years of experience in the Colorado real estate market representing thousands of individuals, landlords, tenants, and real estate investment companies, I can provide you with real answers and insights so that you are protected and comfortable with your real estate investment.

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