Sometimes the hardest part of owning real estate is figuring out what problems you face.

What are the best forms of real estate ownership you should consider? Should you be looking at a condominum or a house? Is renting your best option? Or, should you be looking for commercial real estate opportunities?

Regardless of the type of real estate you’re considering, it is within your best interest to contact a real estate attorney or lawyer. This will help you figure out what the real estate issue, challenge, or opportunity that you face is and see it in a manner that allows you to find a solution or strategy that will work for you.

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Problems, issues and real estate opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. There are similarities between many, but no two are 100% identical.

Imagine saving up for years and buying the perfect condo in the perfect location only to find out that your community’s HOA is not providing the services it promised to provide and that you are paying for. Or, imagine that you have finally been able to obtain financing for your dream home only to find that you have been taken advantage of during the purchase process. These issues are far too common in a booming market such as Denver.


I provide counsel to clients with all types of real estate ownership problems, issues and opportunities. While my goal is to work towards a quick and  efficient resolution, sometimes a client needs to file a lawsuit to protect their rights. I have years of skilled experience using Colorado’s real estate laws. All you need to do is contact me.

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